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Wink Eyelash Bar
& Makeup Studio

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Wink Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio


We are dedicated to making your experience all that you dreamed it would be.

Every Bride is unique, and so is her Makeup. Let us create a beautiful, camera ready look that is natural and perfect for your Wedding Day.

Perfect for any occasion, Airbrush Makeup is ideal for Brides, for it's ability to deliver a natural flawless look while covering imperfections, effortlessly.

It's ultra-sheer, photographs beautifully, and waterproof. Perfect for hot summer days and dancing the night away.

Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a liquefied form of makeup that is applied with an airbrush machine very similar to those used by artist/painters. The makeup is gently sprayed over the skin, using a tiny mist of dots, creating a long wearing, smudge proof, flawless complexion that photographs beautifully, and is practically undetectable.

Until recently, airbrush makeup was solely confined to celebrities, and Hollywood starlets for television appearances, red carpet events, and photo shoots. Today, it's in high demand among brides, for its ability to deliver a flawless complexion that photographs' beautifully. It's long wearing (up to 12 hours), smudge proof, and waterproof. Your skin will look picture perfect and fresh throughout the entire affair regardless of the heat, humidity, or how much dancing you do!

Our Wedding services include:

There is a travel fee for on-site services. An additional fee of $35 will be added to all services in studio or on-location before 8 am.